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Our Vision

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Healthy Garden is a South Australian based food manufacturer and exporter specializing in  Porridge products. 


Healthy Garden always strives to source quality local products, supporting the domestic food industry. Our focus is to have a positive impact on the health of our consumers.

By working with health professionals we ensure that our products are based on top quality, tasty and whole foods, containing natural products.


Providing adequate levels of key nutrients, such as protein, fibre and a range of vitamins and minerals.

Quality is our Priority


Healthy Garden has been exporting quality South Australian products to overseas markets since 2016.

Healthy Garden is running under the HACCP and SQF(Safe Quality Food)Program. We use fully automated production lines, including metal detectors, to ensure food safety and efficiency. Our current production capacity is approximately 320 x 20-foot containers each year.

We provide our clients with high quality, delicious and nutritious healthy food. Healthy Garden provides OEM packaging as well as labeling for your products.




Registration of Export Registered

Establishment and Certificate of

Status Of Manufacturer  

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